Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Gymnast

Maggie has LOVED gymnastics this year!  To be honest our whole family, well maybe not Ben, has looked forward to Maggie's gymnastics class on Mondays.  Hunter's really good friend was there every Monday.  Maggie made lots of new friends in her class and 2 of those girls she talks about constantly!  Archer loved to play upstairs and eat gold fish off the floor.  And I loved getting to know a few other Moms.  We all looked forward to Gymnastics day! :) 

One Saturday in May Maggie had a gymnastics meet... well not really a meet, but a show for the parents to see some of the things they have learned this year.  I was so excited to go watch.  It worked out perfectly because my Mom was in town to take Archer to Hunter's baseball game so I could take some pictures of Maggie and not chase after him the whole time.  Yay! 

So here are some picture of our girl doing her thing...

This picture cracks me up because some of the girls did not have to stretch so much to reach the high bar.  Maggie had to really reach to get the high bar. :) 

We loved Dominique (the coach and owner).  She has a great preschool program!! 

We also love Ms. Ashlyn!  She was also Archer's teacher at Beltway this year! 

She was so proud to get her medal!  Yay Maggie!!!  We are so proud of you! 

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