Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The man of the house

My hero, Hunter! 
 Let me tell you about last night... You see i HATE bugs!!  Seriously, I do NOT like them... at all!!!  The bug I hate the most is the roach.  YUCK!!!  We do not see many roaches in our house, but we have seen one after a couple of nice rains.  When we do see a roach, I have been known to wake up sleeping husband to kill said roach.  He has gotten very angry at me for making him do it, but I say... It's his job!  I do the house work and take care of the kids, he kills the roach and takes out the garbage.  Fair trade??  I think so! :) 
Well most of you know Ben is in Wichita right now and you might also know that it has rained here in Abilene lately... you know what's coming right???  Yes, there was a roach in our house last night!!! Ahhhh!  I HATE them!! Yuck! 
If you were near our house around 9:30, you might have heard a few screams.  
Well because I am so brave (hahaha not really) I put on my Nike's and was ready to kill Mr. Roach.  Hunter was there wearing his trusty Crocs to help.  I found the Raid that wasn't really for roaches, but hey it was Raid and I used it.  I sprayed that roach... I might have been slightly farther away than the 6 to 8 inches as the can instructed, but I think it might have worked a little.  After a lot of spraying, I threw my flip flops at it.  Still not completely dead, but wounded!  After we cornered the roach my sweet hero swooped in and saved the day... He stepped on it for me.  (I may or may not have bribed him with $5!) 
Now for the sweetest part... Earlier that day we had gone to Michael's to get a few things for his party.  While checking out he saw these rings (the fake $3 sparkly rings) at the check out line.  After I gave him his $5 he got so excited!  He would not put that money down.  Then he said he knew exactly what he was going to get with his $5... He insisted that I take him to Michael's so he could buy me a ring.  
Hunter you are such a blessing!!!  Thank you for saving me from Mr. Roach!  You have stolen my heart, little man!!!  I love you so much!!! 

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