Saturday, June 8, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Can Hunter really be going to into kindergarten??  Is he really going to be 6 on Friday??  Where has the time gone?  How can I make it stop?

We have been blessed to have such a great school and such amazing teachers for Hunter and for Maggie and Archer, too.  Hunter has grown up going to Beltway's CDC.  He started at 1 year old in the Bunny class.  We became really good friends with his teacher in that class and have been blessed by her and her sweet family in more ways than she will ever know! (Thank you, Christina!!) After the Bunny class he became a Tiger.  Then we moved into our awesome new building and he was a Jelly Fish and then a Shark for the last 2 years.  Ms. Brandy does an amazing job getting her students ready for kindergarten.  I am so thankful Hunter was able to have her as a teacher this year!  He learned so much!  We are so blessed!!! 
I could go on and on, but instead... here are some graduation pictures! 

walking on stage! 

I love this sweet boy so much!!!

The graduating shark and blow fish classes

during the prayer


This is when they were singing 'Deep Cries Out'.  He loves this song! :) 

Yay Hunter! 

Hunter and Ms. Brandy! 

Last picture of the Shark class

Tackling Ms. Brandy for a big hug! 

Everyone loves Ms. Brandy!! 

Sweet friends! Hunter and Brecklyn! 

Ms. Samm our music teacher!  We LOVE her so much!!!!  She did a great job teaching music this year!  The program was great!  All my kids just love Samm!  :) 

Bring on kindergarten!!! :) 

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