Friday, June 28, 2013

Insta-Friday :)

Hello Blogging World!  So sorry I have been so random with posts lately!  Promise as soon as we get moved and settled I will be back to blogging! lol :)  I hope! 

Anyway... it's been a few weeks since I have posted an Insta-Friday... so here ya go!  
Here's peek into our week(s). :) 

My flower pot sitting girl :) 

This boy could ride this All. Day. Long.  
He seriously wakes up asking where Coach is and if Coach will take him for a ride.  No joke!!!  He LOVES it! :)  

Pizza with my boy the week of his birthday! 
It was just me and this sweet guy in Abilene for the week!  
I loved every minute.  We had so much fun! 

And yes, this boy slept until after 10:00am!  He's like his mama! :) 

Making Daddy jealous with his favorite snow cones!

Love these boys like crazy! 

Getting ready for a birthday party! 

Got to facetime with this handsome man after not seeing his face for 2 weeks!  Loved it! 

BFFs!  Hunter got some special Carson time!  He still talks about it All the Time!!  So much fun! 

Ben surprised us and came home a day early!  WooHoo!  He was home for Hunter's birthday!!! 
Happy Birthday, Hunter!!!!  
I can't believe you are 6!! 
Of course he wanted to go to the "rice place" to eat. :)  

Hunter's Texans football party!!!! 
Party post coming soon!!  

A very special Father's Day! 
Hunter was baptized!!!! 
Video and blog post coming soon! 

Happy Father's Day with my amazing Daddy! 

It was a bomb pop in the bathtub kind of night after everyone left on Sunday evening. 
Just me and my sweet kiddos for the week in Abilene. 

Zoo Trip with the Hays!!!! 
I can't tell you how much I love and am going to miss this sweet family!!! 
Great... now I'm crying!  :(

So much fun with these sweet kids!!!  Loved spending the morning with them and their amazing Mama! :) 

Yummy treat for my sweet kids!!! :) 

The next day we headed to Gainesville so my kids could stay with Coach and Honey while I headed to KS to look for a house with Ben.  I can't thank my parents enough for taking care of the kids!!!  I know they have had a blast with Coach and Honey!! 

Date nite in Wichita with this man!  
Movies to see... Monsters University! haha 
Kids at heart! 

Ran my first 5k with this awesome Katie!!! Love her so much!  So glad I will get to see her all the time again! :) 

Painting the billboard with our feet after the race! 
I'll post a picture of the billboard when it is up! :) 

After Kansas I headed back to Abilene to pack!  Kiddo, our cat, was there to keep me company!  Then on Wednesday I road with my Daddy back to Gainesville.  I have missed the kids like crazy!!! 
Watching some Veggie Tales with my girl! 

Running with the cows again! 
P.S. Running at 7:30 is so much nicer than running at 9:30.  It's HOTT in Texas! :) 

While the boys were at VBS today, I got to watch Maggie swim during swimming lessons!  I hope I get to see Hunter swim during his lessons soon! :) 

Now we are waiting to see Daddy tomorrow!!  Yippee!! :) 
Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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