Sunday, June 2, 2013

Insta-MAY :)

Sooo... it's been a SUPER long time since I have blogged!  I don't think I have ever skipped a whole month!  Well... a lot has happened this May!  So let's get to it...
Here's a peek at our month! 

p.s. these pictures are out of order... sorry! :) 

May was a big baseball month!  LOVED watching this boy play ball!  
Go Tar Heels!!!  
(baseball post coming soon!)

Zoo trips are our favorite!  Maggie wasn't scared of the peacock! 

Yes, this was Abilene's forecast in MAY not November! 
Only in Texas! 

Having fun on the trampoline!!! Love these crazy kids so much!!! 

There's just something about him in these baseball pants...

fun with great friends!  Maggie was in heaven with her friend Daisy!!  
Who wants to marry this girl??  

Big night for my sweet Sparkie!!!  Hunter learned over 50 verses at AWANA this year!  We are so proud of him!! 
(Awana post coming soon!)

Sweet sleepy boy! 

So much fun with the Hay boys!!!  Archer wanted to push Drew-bear!  
(notice Maggie's pink crocs on the wrong feet... his favorite thing to do is put on shoes)

Lots of fun at gymnastics!! 

practicing for her "meet" :) 

Finally finished my flamingo class's scrapbook.  I miss my little Flamingos already! 

Last day of school!  I had to take a picture of Maggie's friends from Beltway.  They have been in the same class for the past 2 years!  She LOVES these sweet kids!!!  
(They just woke up from nap... I should have taken a picture BEFORE naps!)

What do you do after pre-school graduation??? 
Go out for some yogurt, of course!!! 
(Graduation post coming soon!)

Busy Saturdays in May!  Hunter playing baseball... Maggie finishing up her gymnastics season! 
So fun!!! 

Weird sicknesses in May... SO. WEIRD.  
1st time our numbers have ever flashed in church.  Poor Maggie got sick! :( 

More tramp time! 
These kids LOVE to be outside!!! 

What makes outside even better??? Outside with Logan and Drew!!!! :) 

Yep.... our house is FOR SALE.  Interested???  
(Post about this coming next!!)

More running in May!

More Zoo trips!  
Hello, Albert!  How are you this morning?? :) 

They really do love each other! 

Last baseball game of the season. BOO!!! :( 
So proud of this boy! 

I don't know what I would have done without Maddie this season!  Maggie adores her!  She played with both Maggie and Archer during baseball!  Thank you, Maddie! :) 

Best buddies!!! 
Hunter was so excited to play Carson's team.  Carson has been such a huge blessing to Hunter this year!  What a great game!  So much fun!!! 

Splash pad fun!!! 
The kids have LOVED going to the splash pad!  

Ben's going away party at work.  Thank you ARN!  

Maggie and Callie and the Cooper mascots!  They had so much fun at the spring game!!

Rainbow on the way to Coach and Honey's house and Maggie yells, "Thank you, God" as loud as she can! Love that sweet girl! 

Hello Kansas! 

Archer could ride ALL day!!  I'm serious!  That is the first thing he asks Coach to do when he wakes up!  He LOVES the 4wheeler! 

Someone didn't want their picture taken... lol :)

Toes for Summer!!!  Maggie loved getting her toes painted! 

More fun at the splash pad! 
If you are in Abilene, you should go! :) 

Tar Heel baseball swim party!!!  We had so much fun with these great kids and their amazing parents!!! I'm going to miss seeing them all the time! 
Go Tar Heels! 

So excited about is trophy!! 

Love these kids so much! 

So I didn't run 45 miles in May like I did in April, but I did run 30 miles.  :( 
It's been a busy month, but I'm ready for running in June!! 

Ending our May with the movie Epic!  They really liked it!  I really liked watching it with them! 

All in all, May has been a great month!  I'm ready to see what June will bring!! 
 Look for more posts coming soon! :) 

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