Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Days One and Two! :)

Watch out this post has LOTS of pictures! 

Well we have finally seen a real Kansas snow!  We have been snowed in since Tuesday.  It's been a lot of fun, but super cold!!  Let me tell you about the last two days...

Monday night they went ahead and called off school for Tuesday.  Hunter was so excited!  I woke up a couple of times on Monday night and I really thought they might be wrong. (You know how Texas weathermen are... sometimes they are right.) 

Sure enough we had snow Tuesday morning! 
Hunter was the first one up!  
Here are pictures from Tuesday morning... little did we know that it would be snowing ALL DAY LONG! 

They said we were getting 1.5 inches an hour!  It was beautiful! 

My running picture for Tuesday. Haha :) 

Archer LOVED the snow!!!  The cold didn't bother him at all!  

When we went out in the morning you could make snowballs, but by the afternoon the snow was to dry and it was to cold. 

Our house in the snow that morning! Our sweet neighbor came out at lunch and used his snow blower (yes, people have those here!! crazy!) and cleared off our driveway.  Ben shoveled it again around 5 and there was at least another 3 inches on it when he went to work on Wednesday! Wow! 

More pictures from Tuesday morning with the good camera! 

Maggie liked the snow, but she didn't stay out to long.  She doesn't really like the cold! 

Hunter could play all day! 


We did some painting while Archer slept that afternoon. 

Then we played with our neighbors for a little bit that afternoon. 

We were so excited for Daddy to be home!  He made it in the snow!!! 

The girls liked watching from the garage! 

Ben got out the sleds and pulled the kids around... 

They LOVED it! 

He got a workout pulling all three! 
Yep, he is the BEST!!!! 

More jumping!  

After dinner we made snow ice cream for the first time!  

It was so good!!  If you have snow at your house, you should make some! :) 

Wednesday the sun came out!! Woohoo!  But don't let the sunshine fool you... the high for yesterday was 10 degrees.  When Ben left for work it was 1 outside with the windchill at -19!!!  I don't think the windchill got out of the negatives, so we didn't play outside.  It was just so cold! But here are a few pictures in the sunshine! 

Can you find our sandbox???

Ben dusted off the grill on Tuesday night and this what we woke up to on Wednesday! 

Out our front door... 

We made lots of Valentine crafts yesterday and stayed in our pjs until after lunch! 

Maggie was so proud of this valentine! lol :) 

He was hard at work! 
After lunch, it was time to get out!!  I was so happy to hear that our YMCA was open!  Woohoo!!  
The kids were begging me to take them swimming, but it was just to cold! 

We made it!  The roads were snow packed and slick, but we made it just fine! 

And I got a run in! :) 

Then I played some air hockey with this man! 
He beat me by the way! 
Then we went on back home for naps.  It was beautiful driving through town.  
After dinner we made more snow ice cream for desert! Yum! 

We are having fun in the snow!!  We're having a heat wave today... high temperature of 12 degrees. We will be bundling up and heading outside to play as soon as Maggie wakes up!  

Stay warm, y'all! 

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