Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Date Day February

Since it's almost March, I thought I better blog about our kids date this month.  
Ben and I have decided that we are going to each kid to do something special with one of us at least one day a month.  For February it was Hunter and Daddy's turn!  So what did Ben do fun with Hunter?  He took him to see...
I don't know who was more excited!  They went opening weekend, I'm just super late at posting this. 
This was the week we had all the snow.  Hunter was so excited to get out with his Daddy on Saturday.  

Hunter in his 3D glasses.  
They LOVED the movie!  LOVE it!  Hunter is constantly  singing, "Everything is awesome".  I have heard it over and over again! :)  Love that boy!   

They were greeted by a lego man when leaving the theater.  Ben said there is a lego club or something here in Wichita.  They had a table set up at the theater and Hunter really liked meeting this lego. :) 

So that was Hunter's date day with Daddy for February.  I am so glad they got to spend some special time together.  

Archer gets March and I think I need to be the one to take him out.  Now just what should we do??  Hum maybe the park or the pool, we'll see... :) 

Have you seen the Lego Movie??  

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