Friday, February 14, 2014

Insta-Friday: Heart Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!! 
Hope y'all are all having a great heart day!  
We have had a sweet, busy week.  Here is a little peek... 
Nice run on Saturday morning!  Nope, not outside!  We were still covered in snow! 

Sweet sleeping babies! 
Sunday, we still had snow!  Having snow for longer than 2 days is crazy for these Texans! 

Ending our Sunday with the Olympics! 

NO!!!  Stay away snow... It was coming on Sunday night! 

Yep!  Woke up to 4 more inches on Monday morning.  Surely they canceled school on Monday, right? This isn't Texas!  We still had school! 
We had school alright and I got stuck in the snow trying to drive Hunter to the bus stop!  The people here are so nice!  Some sweet people helped me push the van out of the snow.  We made it back home, but decided not to go to ballet.  Instead of ballet I shoveled the driveway... 

Tuesday the sun was shinning and this 21 degrees felt so much warmer than 21!!  It was amazing! 

Getting ready for Valentines parties on Thursday! 

I had so much fun at Hunter's party on Thursday! 

We are so blessed by this sweet boy!  He is our forever Valentine! 

Who wouldn't want to marry this beautiful bride? lol :)  She is precious!  We are so blessed! 

Archer has always been our sweetest, best surprise!  We love you so much, Archer-boy! 

We have had a great week and guess what??  The snow is finally melting!! Yay!  

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

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