Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day 3 & 4

Snow, Snow everywhere... 
Hunter got another snow day on Thursday and there was already no school for Friday on the schedule, but I kind of think he would have had another snow day no mater what. 

Thursday morning the kids were getting restless so we headed to the gym.  I can't tell you enough how much we love our YMCA!!  They had a lot of fun in the kids zone while I ran 5 miles upstairs.  This was my view during my run. 
God also had a little surprise for us on the way home.  Before leaving for the Y on Wednesday we prayed for safe travel on the snow and Hunter prayed that we would see deer.  Well we did not see any deer on Wednesday, but we saw 6 deer on Thursday!!  We were all so excited!!  Thank you, Lord!  Hunter was so excited that God had answered his prayers.  

After naps we bundled up and headed outside! 

I pulled them around the back yard on the sled a few times.  I think that was a harder workout then my 5 miles that morning!  It was a lot of fun for all of us! 

I took some love pictures out in the snow.  I should have moved Archer away from the porch... oh well!  At least he was smiling! :) 
We have taken pictures with the love sign before.  Click here to see those pics! :) 

Maggie had to bring Belle out to watch her play in the snow! 

Love this boy so much! 


Archer loves playing in the house!  This is where he goes as soon as he gets outside! 

We ended our Thursday with lasagna soup, my favorite!  Yummy! 

Friday was extra special because our favorite Katie came to play!!  
The kids were so excited! 

She helped Hunter with a valentine craft and played lots of games with Maggie! 

Katie had never seen Frozen, so we had to take her! 

Ready for the movie! 
Maggie made her hold Anna! :) 

We also made her watch Teen Beach Movie!  They both wanted to sit in her lap.  Archer was taking a nap. 

After some cookies Hunter wanted to play Trouble.  I know our kids had a blast with Katie and they were asking if she was coming back over today.  Thanks for playing, Katie!! :) 

Believe it or not it was snowing a little again this morning.  We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow and Monday, too.  Crazy!!  It is beautiful, but I'm ready for spring! 
Stay warm, y'all! 

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