Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Parties!

Thursday was Valentine Party day at this house!  
We started off with Hunter's party.  Yay!  

This was his Valentine he gave to all of his friends this year.  I think it turned out super cute!  Ben saw the idea and made it happen!  I think they were a hit! :) 

I made my normal Valentine M&Ms for teachers and Hunter's bus driver. 

I was also in charge of the treat bags for Hunter's class. 

Hunter saw this idea on one of my Pinterest boards and really wanted me to make them!  They are little tic-tac-toe boards.  He handed them out at the end of the party and all the kids pulled them out and starting playing.  I'm so glad they liked them! :) 

Now for some pictures from the party!  

Hunter LOVES Mrs. Hills!  We are so thankful she is his teacher!  She calls Hunter, "Happy Hunter."  Because he is always happy! :) 

Playing tic-tac-toe! 

He got LOTS of Valentines! 

Playing a game.  They each had a straw and 2 Q-tips.  They had to try to shoot their Q-tips into the heart basket.  Hunter's team won! 

Another fun game!  The kids loved this game because Mrs. Hills was cupid! 

I had so much fun at Hunter's party!  I am so thankful I was able to go!  It was so much fun!!! 

After lunch, it was time for Maggie's party! 

Here are Maggie's Valentines!  She was so excited to go to school on Thursday! 

Her party was extra special because Daddy got to come and watch!  I don't know who was more excited, Ben or Maggie! 

She made a very cute Love-Bug craft!  It's so cute! 

And she got to hand out all of her Valentines. 

I think they went on a heart hunt.  They had to find hearts with their name on it.  

I know she was so excited her Daddy was there!! 

Time for a sweet treat! :) 

They had Shirley Temples! 

She had so much fun!  I'm so glad Ben was able to go! 

We love Valentine's Day around here!  It's so much fun for kids! 
Wanna see how we celebrated Valentines Day in the past or see what other Valentines we have made? Click on the post below. :) 

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