Monday, January 7, 2013

Dallas Safari Club

What did you do this weekend?  Well went to the...

Hunter LOVED it!  We had such a great time with my Dad!  So fun!  I remember going to this show when I was little.  My Dad took me to lots of hunting shows and this one was always the best!  I remember going once with my Daddy and his friend Ricky and his daughter Natalie.  Natalie and I had a great time.  I remember we got these bags to but brochures and stuff in.  Well... let's just say Natalie and I took it ALL home!  I think we got something from each booth.  lol :)  
I don't know who was more excited... Hunter, Ben or my Daddy?? lol :)  

Hunter got to see soooo many amazing animals! 

I don't know about you, but if I saw a buck like this I would defiantly shoot him!!!  Yikes! 

Hunter really liked this mount!  It reminds me of a time when I went to the deer lease with my Daddy and my friend Justin.  We were in elementary school and were riding in the back of the pickup.  We were supposed to be quiet but his buck jumped over a tall fence right by us and Justin yell, "It's good!"  lol! He got in so much trouble for being loud.  :)  So many good memories from the deer lease.  

Hunter had fun going up into the deer stands! :) 

Dip-n-Dots for lunch???  Why not! :) 
Do any of you ever watch Top Shot on the history channel?  Well it's a favorite in our house.  (New season is coming out in March)  Well look who we met at the show?

Colby!  The host of Top Shot!  He was really nice.  His family has a ranch just south of Abilene where they do shooting like on Top Shot.  In fact a lot of the challenges that you see on the show are first done on his family's ranch and then transferred to LA for the show.  Pretty cool!  Hunter was super excited!  This is about the only show we actually let him watch. :)   

Hunter shooting some squirrels. :)  

You just can't hide that Leopard pride!!  (my high school was the leopards for those of you who don't know.)  Go Big Red! :) 
I really hate that this picture is so blurry... oh well!  We had such a great time with my Daddy on Saturday!  Thank you so much for taking us, Coach!!  We all want to go back! :) 

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