Friday, January 4, 2013


Yay for Friday!!!!  WooHoo!!! 
We have had a great week!  Here's a peek...
Cute boy loves to take his shoes and socks off when in the car...

pretty girl knows just what to say and do to get out of bed...

probably the last year to use the pbk crib christmas sheets and bumper... yes that makes me super sad! 

very cute helper boy!  helped daddy clean the garage 

last run of 2012... in SHORTS! 

cupcakes for breakfast on new years day??? umm yes!!

my absolute favorite meal... berry, almond, chicken salad. YUM.

love my sweet kids! 

play-doh day with animals and princesses... of course. 

why is it that baby boy wakes up at 6 on the day the big kids sleep until 9:30?!?!   lots of coffee thursday

tub love

lots of painting thursday

and COLD running

and more painting.

"It's snowing, Momma!  It's awesome!"

By the time we ate breakfast and got dressed there was hardly any snow left... hopefully we will get one good snow in 2013 so this boy can really play in it! 

We had such a great week!  The only sad thing was Ben went back to work on Wednesday.  We have enjoyed having him home!  

Happy Friday, everyone!!! 

life rearranged

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