Sunday, January 13, 2013

Insta-Friday... or more like Insta-Sunday :)

I'm super late in posting our Insta-Friday...  We have had a really great week and weekend!  Here is a peek into our week...

Back to the gym!  Maggie loves gymnastics day!  I was glad to be back on a schedule. 

Littlest boy down for a nap... time to play princess memory with my princess!  
(Hunter was at Coach and Honey's house for an extra 2 days.)
I really tried to enjoy Christmas and take a little break from running.  Don't get me wrong I still ran at lease 2 times a week... it was a nice break but now it's time to get back to running! It's a love/hate thing. :) 
Love Love Love playing with this little guy in the teepee! 

Chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday??  I think so!! 

If you eat a good dinner at the Jennings' house, you get a Bomb Pop... and yes Archer can say "Bomb Pop"! 
So I didn't have a picture from Thursday, but I found this really cute one!!!  We love Hadley and Cameron!!!  Thank you so much for keeping 3 crazy kids so we could go watch Dancing with the Abilene Stars!  Love Love Love my amazing cheerleaders!!! 

Friday night was camp out night!  They slept in the teepee ALL NIGHT! 

Friday evening's running temp was 65... Saturday's afternoon running temp 45!!!  I looked at the high for today (Sunday) and decided I would NOT be running.  It was 35 in case you wanted to know... READY. FOR. SPRING!!!!

These 2 played TOGETHER all day Saturday!  I LOVED it!  So sweet! 
I was in a crafty mood on Saturday... 
and finished this one today.  I love painting things! 

2 of my favorite guys about to watch the Texans game... so sad their season is over.  Next year... we're going to the Super Bowl!  Go Texans!! 

I hope you all have a great week!! :) 

PS... I always link up to this website.  Click the camera to go there.  I really love her blog! :)

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