Friday, January 18, 2013


Hooray for Friday!!  

It's been a week of weeks... here's a peek! 

Started our week off with a call to Dr. Wiley.  Yes, I called him 42 times in ONE day.  Yes, I started calling at 8:00 sharp.  Yes, I did not get through until 8:25.  Yes, I got Archer's appointment at 2:45.  Yes, I do believe if I would have called at 9:00, we would not get in to see the doctor until Tuesday.  Crazy!!!!!  
Praise the Lord it was NOT the flu!!!

However we did have to pull out this little guy. :(  Breathing treatments for littlest man... no fun! 

Because I did not want to infect the parent's viewing room at the gym, we had Jennings' Gymnastics class at home. 

Because I needed a break from kids, I took a nice long run on Tuesday.  P.S.  You could tell I NEEDED a run because it was 35 degrees outside.  I normally don't run when it is that cold!!

It is soooo good to see my cheerleaders again.  They are my "big kids" and I'm glad to have them home!   Getting ready for our marathon of basketball games on Wednesday!  

Go Cowgirls!  We WON both games on Thursday!!  Go Cowboys! 

I LOVE these two amazing ladies!  It was Kara's last basketball game to cheer on Thursday.  She is graduating in May.  She has been such a HUGE blessing to me and my family!  We LOVE you, Kara!!!!

Today was the day to finally ride the "sleeping beauty bike" from Santa.  She was so excited! 

Archer has now learned to climb on and ride Hunter's rocking horse.  He's getting to big! Love him so much! 

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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