Monday, February 22, 2010

The Day of Love...

Valentine's Day! 

I know I'm a week late, but I thought I would tell you all about our Valentine's Day this year.  It started out super!  We decided to go to the late service at church and just enjoy a lazy Sunday morning.  I had saved Hunter and Maggie's cards from the grandparents to open that morning.  Ben and i also had a sucker for both of them, a color changing car for Hunter, and a rattle for Maggie.  Hunter loved the car!  He thought it was awesome!  We spent much of the day at the bathroom sink making it change colors. :)  Maggie liked her stuff, too... well we think she did. :) We laughed as they opened their cards because Honey and Nana think a lot alike.  In fact Honey got Hunter the Pooh card in the picture and Nana got Maggie that very same Pooh card!  So sweet!! 

We were having such a great morning until we started getting ready for church.  Then it happened... something Ben and I knew would happen one day, but were both secretly hoping the other person would have to deal with it. Yes... we had a poopie situation. YUCK!!!  I will spare you the details, but I do have to say the Lord really helped me out.  I did not get sick.  I did not get upset.  I handled the situation patiently and lovingly.  It really was God who helped me stay calm and cool.  I know that might sound crazy, but normally I would have gotten mad and might have hurt Hunter's potty training.  Anyway... we ended up missing church... again. :(  We were upset about that but we did get to...
cuddle and nap with sweet Maggie and...

wrap up in a blanket and snuggle with Daddy on the couch.

God is so good!  He knew we needed a little love time with Hunter and Maggie.  We are so thankful for our kids.  We love them so much!  Being with them made this Valentine's Day the absolute best by far... even with the poop. :)

Later that night we took some pictures of Maggie in the bath.  Here is a good one! :)

Doesn't it look professional??  Way to go Ben!!!  

And I'll end this post with my Hunter man.  I Love this kid!  Happy Love day!! 

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