Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update on our Maggie girl

As I sit here to write this at 10:20, Maggie is sitting right next to me watching Doc McStuffins.  She isn't sleepy at all... It's way past her bedtime, but to be honest I'm just glad she is feeling better!! 
We checked Maggie in at 7:30 this morning and went back around 7:45.  I am so thankful she had an early time.  I was worried she would want to eat or drink something.  She did ask for some breakfast once when she first woke up, but that was it.  

She did so great while talking to the nurses and doctors.  She had to take her "Punzel" blanket and new Sleeping Beauty baby with her.  She didn't even cry when they took her away from me.  I almost lost it, but she did great.  
Dr. Seth said she did really good during the whole procedure.  They were able to fill all the cavities, but they did have to put one "Sleeping Beauty crown" on her back tooth.  I really, really hate that she had to go through this, but I'm so thankful for such great doctors and nurses to take care of her.  
We got to go back as soon as she started to wake up.  Poor baby!  She had a breathing tube in her nose and her little mouth was all swollen.  She just wanted me to hold her.... I love that part.  (I didn't like her hurting... just the snuggling part.)

My sweet baby!  She is so precious to us!  I am so blessed by this sweet little girl.  I was reminded today by a sweet friend that God gave Maggie to me for a reason.  I am just humbled and blessed by her.  We stayed in recovery until she woke up a little more.  I was so glad to be taking her home around 10:00.  I think she was glad to be going home, too.  We snuggled on the couch for a while until she finally wanted something to eat. 
She wanted a Blue Bell Cotton Candy Popsicle and wanted to watch Cinderella... so that is what we did.  We watched tv all day and snuggled.  I loved every minute of it.  She got a great surprise this afternoon when, "My Logan" brought her a princess balloon.  She was so excited!  
She really started to act like herself after bath tonight.  I think she is feeling 100% better.  I still have to watch what she eats for the next 2 days, but other than that she is good to go.  

Thank you so much for all of you who have prayed for Maggie today!!!  I am so thankful that she is okay and will be okay.  There are so many kids who have gone through so much more or are going through so much more.  God is good, ALL of the time.  Thank you, Lord for our sweet Maggie!  We love her so much!! 

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