Friday, December 20, 2013

Insta-Friday: ELF EDITION! :)

It's been another super fun week with our elf, Elfie!  
Here's a peak at where he has been hiding.  So fun! :) 

Just hanging around on Saturday! 

Ready to cheer on the Texans on Sunday! 
Sure wish we could win a game!!! oh well... 

Zip lining down the hall on Monday! 

Taking a bubble bath on Tuesday! 

Being a reindeer on Wednesday! 

Checking out our advent calendar on Thursday! 

Maggie and Archer came running into our room this morning after they found Elfie!  They were so excited to see him flying! So fun! 

Here are some of our advent activities from this week... 

Last Friday we let the kids have a camp out in the tee-pee downstairs!  They all slept all night in the tee-pee!!  WooHoo! We also made smores.  It was Archer's first smore!  He loved it! :) 

Saturday evening we went to look at Christmas lights!  This was our favorite house.  Can you tell why??? lol :) 

Sunday we made our gingerbread house! 
See post here

I know this wasn't an advent activity, but it has been so nice here in Kansas this week!  The kids have LOVED playing outside!  To bad it is freezing again today. :(

Watching one of our favorite Christmas movies, Prep and Landing!  We love both movies!! 

This was my favorite activity!  
We acted out the Christmas story!  It was so much fun!  

We also made a few more Christmas crafts!  

We have had such a great week!  I am so glad Hunter is out of school for 2 weeks!!  WooHoo!  We are so excited about Christmas!!!  

I'll be posting about school Christmas parties and a Christmas program soon!  Have a great Friday, ya'll!  

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