Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just a normal Tuesday...

Our sweet Tuesday...

Watching for the bus in the van...
Yes the 38 degrees this afternoon felt like 65, but this morning it was 11... so I drove.

Throwing those cute, sticky things that go on your window.  We had a snowman and snowflakes and they loved playing with them... I will be cleaning the window tomorrow. :) 

Painting in our pj's...

and then on to coloring!

It's what we do!

Snack while watching Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (the one with skating Minnie-Mag's favorite) while I get ready. 

Checking the advent... they all do this at least 5 times a day.  It doesn't matter if we have done the activity yet or not. :)

He's home!!!
Love it when he is home!! 
Now for a quick lunch and then take Maggie to her school...

Come back home and let this sweet boy nap.  Boy does he need it! 

Hunter and I read a couple of chapters of this book!  I love it!  So funny and makes me think my grandmother, Caw-Caw.  

Maggie had to greet her friends right after she took her hair down.  
(She takes down her hair as soon as we get in the door, every day! I wish she would keep it up sometimes... oh well!) 

Love her!!  So glad she is home!! 

My dinner fixer helper.  I thought if I put the step stool up he would leave the k-cups alone... Nope!  He'll just pull up a chair. 

Ending the night with our advent activity, write Santa a letter.  

Next up baths/showers and reading lots of Christmas books hoping Ben makes it in to kiss everyone good night! 

I love Tuesday!  Really I love any and every day with my sweet family! We are blessed! 

Do you know what tomorrow is????

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