Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Better late than never, right? 
Here is what our Thanksgiving week looked like this year! 

It started off with a Thanksgiving party at Maggie's school on Tuesday. 
I was so excited that I was able to be there!  Here are a few pictures from that day...
Maggie and a few of her classmates wearing their turkey hats they made.  Gobble!  Gobble! 

Then they went on a turkey hunt to find the turkey with their name on it!  

And then time for a little snack!  Yum! 
Maggie had so much fun! :)  I can't wait until her Christmas party and Hunter's too! 

Wednesday Nana and Grumpy made it to Kansas!  They were so nice to share a little snack. 

Uncle David and Brooke made it into town early, early Thursday morning!  Hunter could hardly wait to play football with Uncle David... 

And Archer and Maggie could hardly wait to knock down the chairs they were using for their football game! lol :) 

Maggie couldn't wait to see Brooke! 

Brooke painted her nails candy cane style!  
She kept them painted for almost the whole day... that's a record for Maggie Moe! :) 

We did some thanksgiving coloring... they all like to color these days!  I love it! 

Uncle David brought Hunter a new animal book... I think they all sat there for over an hour reading it! 
Thank you, David! 

Maggie decided to take her nap on Grumpy!  She wouldn't sleep in her bed, but napped for a long time in Grumpy's lap! 

Red lips are a must for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ending the night with pie!  
All three kids could hardly wait to eat a piece of pie!  Yum! 

We are so blessed!  Thank you, Nana & Grump and Brooke & David for coming all the way to Kansas to have thanksgiving with us!  We had such a fun weekend full of memories that will last a lifetime! 

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