Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We have had our Christmas tree since the Friday after Thanksgiving.  It has taken me forever to post something about it.  Oh well... 

We always have a real tree at our house!  I know they are messy and they aren't perfect, but we LOVE a real, smell good tree!  So this year we thought we would go and cut a tree down our self!  Doesn't that sounds fun!  They might have had a place like that in Abilene, but we didn't know about it if they did.   We went to Prairie Pine Christmas Tree Farm! 

Grumpy, Nana, David and Brooke went with us!  We were so glad that David could bring our tree home in the back of his truck! :) 

We were going to ride on the back of this horse drawn trailer to go pick our tree, but we found out that Kansas has been in a drought.  I would have never thought we were in a drought compared to Texas, but the trees have not grown like they should have... so we picked a tree brought it from North Carolina.  Maybe next year we will cut one down. :) 

Grumpy... I mean Santa and his elves! 

This place was really neat! 

Inside sitting by the fire waiting for Daddy to pay for our tree! 

Santa was there earlier in the day, but we did sit in his sleigh. 

And we took a family picture.  It was so fun!  

We didn't decorate our tree until Sunday.  The kids could hardly wait!! 

Even Ben got in on the action! 

I really, really want to do something different next year... I'm not liking this ribbon at all.  It needs more color or something.  

Archer loved every minute of it! 

Our tree last year was tiny compared to this one! 
We got our tree super late last year.  We will never do that again! :) 

Looking up at the tree! 

In case you were wondering how we get the topper on our tree... now you know! 

We love these kids so much!!!  We had such a fun time decorating our tree!  
I did have to move a few ornaments when everyone was in bed.  We had a few branches with more than 4 ornaments on them! lol! 

Merry Christmas! 

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