Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Tiny Dancer

It was parents day on Monday in Maggie's dance class, so I got to go in and watch.  
She has had so much fun dancing this year!  They start with tap and end with ballet.  Here are a few pictures from Monday! 

They are a little dangerous with those shuffles!

She really wanted to wear her candy cane tu-tu on Monday and she wasn't the only one! 

Heal taps

free dance
Moving on to ballet... 
Starting with some skipping

Maggie's sweet friend Nora!  They would skip back and forth and give each other a hug at the wall. So cute! 

Going over the positions... 

And... she's done! She didn't want to draw circles.  
I think she was so excited that I was there that she was getting bored with the slower dancing. She is so funny! 

We love you, Maggie Moe!  
We are so proud of you, tiny dancer! 

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