Saturday, December 21, 2013

School parties

I am so thankful Honey came this past week so I could go to all of the school parties and activities!   I don't know who had more fun, me or Maggie and Hunter!  It was so fun! 

Maggie's party was on Tuesday and she had lots of fun with her friends! 
She made Christmas tree out of an iced ice cream cone. 

She got to dig through a bucket of reindeer food to find a few jingle bells for her reindeer pictures she colored. 

She got to listen to a story.  She also got to paint a candy cane and make a handprint ornament. 

Singing some Christmas songs with all of her friends. 

And it's not a party with out sweet treats! 
I think she had a lot of fun!  I was so glad I was able to be there and help!  

 Hunter had Gingerbread Day on Thursday.  He had lots of different activities, too!  
I was at the Science and Math station, so I wasn't able to take many pictures.  I LOVED getting to talk to all of the kids in his class!  It was so fun! 
He got to ice and decorate a sugar cookie and here he is decorating a gingerbread house with stickers.  

He also made a gingerbread man, played bingo with sight words and made an awesome gingerbread house!  We LOVE his kindergarten teacher!  She is awesome!  Her mom baked everyone a gingerbread house that she put together.  Then during the party she was there to help them decorate their house.  His house turned out so good!  I think it is better than the one we made as a family!  It also smells amazing, so much better than a bought kit!  So neat! 

Here he is at my station, science and math.  Their experiment was, what will happen to a gingerbread man (cookie) if he gets wet.  They all had to draw what their cookie looks like and then what they thought would happen when it got wet.  Then we put the cookies in water.  It was so funny to hear the kids and watch their reactions to their gingerbread men!  They were so funny! Then they did a count and color sheet using a pair of dice. I'm so proud of this sweet boy!  I had so much fun at his party! 

I will tell you I had a big pinterest fail this week... We always send a small gift to all of the kids classmates at school.  They love giving their friends something for Christmas.  
Well this year I found this on pinterest and thought it would be perfect.  I thought Hunter and Maggie would be able to make them by themselves.  I bought a bag of candy corn right after halloween so we would have something for the nose... well I could not get the donuts to stay on the stick!  I even dipped the stick in almond bark thinking that would help.  Nope! They kept crumbling and the scarf would not stay on.  Finially I gave up and this is what we gave...

Make a snowman kit... a bag filled with the donuts, a nose, buttons (skittles) and a scarf (Twizzlers).  Oh well...  :) 

Thank you, Honey for coming this week!!!!  That was the best Christmas gift!! :) 

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