Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun in the Sun Saturday!

We had the BEST Saturday we have had in a long time yesterday!  We were blessed to keep 2 very sweet boys all day.  Hunter was in heaven!  We had gotten Hunter a pool for his party and just for the summer, so we tried it out!  We had so much fun watching the boys play!  Here are some pictures of our super fun in the sun day...

They couldn't wait to get in... but it was sooo cold!  We were trying to talk them into waiting just a little bit to let the sun warm it up some but as you can see they were already a little wet... :)

So in they went! 

Ben was trying to get them to all smile at the camera, but all they wanted to do was play!  I don't blame them! :)  JD (the sweet boy on the right) was "diving"in the pool.  That is why his hand are like that! :)

Just playin...

Say Cheese!!! 
He was loving every minute of it!!

Kade trying to float on his belly on the beach ball! :) So funny!

Having fun! 

On to the slip-n-slide!!!  Kade and Hunter watched as the pro did it!

Go JD!!!! 

Yay JD!!  He was the only one to really slide down it the right way.  Ben ended up sliding all the boys down it a few times.  :)  By the way... slip-n-slides are a lot smaller than what I remember.  :) Or maybe I'm just a lot bigger! 

Here is Hunter running along side the slip-n-slide.  If the water was on he did not want to be on it.  If we had the water off he would play! :)

While the boys were playing in the water Maggie played on the patio. :) Sweet girly! 

Okay... back to the pool!  They were in the pool for a total of 3 times on Saturday.  They loved playing in the water, but we also found that they loved to change back into their dry clothes, too. :)

Isn't he cute!!!

Sweet boy!  He and JD switched swim suits by the way. 

They had so much fun!!! 

Maggie put on her swim suit, too!  The water was a little to cold for her.  She didn't like it. :(  She loves the bath water, so we will have to try again when the water is warmer. :)

We watched Monsters vs Aliens while trying to "rest".  They were all so tired, but they didn't want to sleep. :)

Hunter played in the pool one more time after the boys had left.  Then he fell asleep while eating dinner! He was worn out!  He had such a great day!  We all did!!  We were so happy to have Kade and JD.  

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  1. These pictures are so cute. I can't believe how fast all the kids are growing!