Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Uncle "Dabid"

I'm such a bad blogger.  Sorry it has been soooo long.  Last week was crazy!!  Ben worked late a lot!  This week is much better!  Thank you Jesus! :)

Anyway... Uncle David is here.  (This is part of the reason why last week was a bit crazy.)  Ben took off last Wednesday and drove over to Texas Tech and picked up Uncle Dav and brought him here to stay with us for a while.  We are so glad to have him!  He has been working hard at our house.  Let's see what all has he been doing... last Thursday he helped Ben at Art Walk/Dog Walk.  Friday he helped Ben set up for Zoolute to Dyess.  Saturday he worked all day at the Zoolute, in the rain I might add,  serving hot dogs with Ben.  Sunday he went to church with us and played with Hunter a lot.  Monday he helped me with Logan, Maggie and Hunter.  He was such a big help! And today, Tuesday, he helped me paint the hall at our house.  He also did swimming lessons with Hunter (I should have brought the camera).  Tomorrow we are going to try and do the trim to finish off the hall.  David has been such a great help!  He has played and played with Hunter!  He has also helped out a lot with Maggie.  He has been sleeping in her room and one night when she woke up he actually tried to get her to go back to sleep before bringing her to me.  He noticed she was awake and starting to fuss a little (I was asleep b/c it was after midnight) so he put her in bed with him for a little bit and then took her into the living room thinking she might go back to sleep in his arms.  He finally brought her to me after he couldn't get her to go to sleep.  Isn't that amazing?!?!  I'm pretty sure Ben would have just woke me up as soon as she started to fuss a little. 
We love David being here!  And not just because he helps out around the house and with Ben but because we just love him!  He is super with the kiddos and is a lot of fun to be around!  
David is going home on Thursday. =(  I think Hunter is going to be one VERY sad little boy!! (we are all going to be sad)  So we are going to enjoy tomorrow!  Hopefully he will come back really, really soon!  

P.S.  I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow of Uncle David and the kids!  :)

In honor of Uncle David!  Go Tech!

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