Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maggie and Logan sittin in a tree...

Well... Maggie got her first kiss today.  Yes, you read correctly!  Logan was over today and they were happily playing on the floor when all of a sudden... Logan, with both hands, grabbed Maggie's face and brought her close and kissed her!!!  I am not kidding!  It was too cute!  

While I was keeping Logan and Mags, Hunter went with Honey to see...

He LOVED it!!!  He has really been into Sesame Street lately.  He is all about his numbers and letters.  In fact the other day Ben was trying to get Hunter to sleep when he said, "Daddy I'm gonna be a football player when I get big and I'm gonna be number 7."  When Ben asked why number 7 he said, "Because it's the number of the day!"  He had so much fun!  I asked him who he liked best and of course he said...

Elmo!!!  He then told me my favorite character was Grover and Ben's was Oscar.  Maggie's favorite is Abby.  By the way you need to ask Hunter to say Abby's whole name!  It is too cute!  
Hunter also got an awesome gift today.  He got a new picnic table from Nana and Grumpy!!!! Yay!!!  We are so excited!!  He had to eat lunch and dinner at it!  We tried to get a picture of Hunter at the table at lunch but... well he was in need of a nap!  So I'll get one tomorrow! :)  Thank you Nana and Grumpy!  And thank you Honey for taking Hunter to see Sesame Street Live!! 

Sorry for the random post today, but at least I posted something!  :)

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