Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ride 'em Cowboy!

It was western day yesterday at school.  Momma completely forgot so Daddy had to go out after he put Hunter man to bed on monday night to get something western for Hunter to wear.  He came back with a cowboy hat and gun holster.  :)  Isn't he the BEST!?!!!

Hunter didn't know it was Western day until I told him when he woke up.  He got dressed faster than ever! He was ready to wear his hat, bandana, and holsters with the belt that just happened to have a longhorn on it!  As soon as he put it all on he said, "Howdy, partner!"  He was so excited!  He couldn't wait to get to school.  As we were walking out the door he spotted another bandana on the counter and had to bring it for Adam, his friend at school.   When we got to the door of his classroom he said howdy to everyone and walked right in.  He kept saying "I'm a cowboy, yew-ha"!  So cute!  Here are some pictures...
Ready for school!

Yew-Ha :)

Playing outside after swimming lessons! 

My sweet cowboy!!!!

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