Monday, May 3, 2010

long time no write...

I am so sorry I have not update this blog in over a week!  What was I thinking...

Well last week Hunter was sick and it kind of threw me off, I guess.  Anyway...  He had some type of virus (I can't remember the name) with a little sinus infection and the beginning of an ear infection.  He missed both days of school :(.  It was a sad week.  He also wasn't hungry all week!  Okay now you know he was sick!  He is feeling sooo much better and eating again!  Yay!  He can't wait to go to school and play with his friends tomorrow!

But guess who came down with the virus now...  Maggie! :(  She also has an ear infection in both ears!  She does not feel good.  But we did find out she weighs 15 pounds 8 oz. (50% for weight) and is in the 10% for hight (I didn't catch how long she is just the %).  She is falling off the chart for hight!!  But that's okay.  She going to be a gymnast anyway! :)

Sorry this is a short post but my Mag Pie is asleep in my arms! :)  Here is a quick pic of us in the bluebonnets... more to come!

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