Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, Monday... lala lalala

Yay for Monday!  Hunter wrote the letter "H" for the very first time!  He was so excited!  He kept saying, "H for Hunter and H for Honey".  He wanted to make a "C" for Coach, "N" for Nana and "G" for Grumpy but after he watched me "draw" it he decided he would stick with "H" for now.  
He writes it sideways but hey... he can do it! =)

Not the best smile, but you can see the "H"! 

Maggie also had a big day!  She has been eating real food for a while now, but she has been sitting in her bumbo when I feed her.  Well Monday I finally cleaned the high chair!  She loved sitting at the table!  She looks so tiny in such a big chair.
Sweet Mag Pie! 

Playing with her sippy cup.  =)

What a great day!!  I am so thankful I am home and able to see all these new things the kids are doing!  Thank you, Lord for allowing me to stay home!!  And thank you Ben for working sooo hard for our family!!! I love you so much!

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