Friday, December 2, 2011

2 months!

Okay I am super late at posting this but...
Look who's 2 months old!!!!

Archer turned 2 months the day before Thanksgiving!  He is getting so big.  We took him to the doctor on the 30th for his check up and shots.  He weighs in at 14lbs 11oz (90% for weight) and 22 3/4in long (40% for height).  Such a sweet big boy!!

He is growing and changing every day!  It is amazing!  He is staying up longer during the day and smiling ALL the time!  So sweet! 

This sweet girl had her 2 year check up at the same time.  Her stats are small... weighs 23lbs (5% for weight) and is 31.5 inches (3% for height) tall. :)  She's gonna be a gymnast! :)

Look for our Santa post coming soon! :)

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