Monday, December 26, 2011

What an amazing Christmas!!!  We are so truly blessed.  So what did you all do for Christmas?  Here is a recap of our Christmas...

Let's see... Coach and Honey came to spend Christmas with us.  Honey came early in the week and Coach came on Friday afternoon.  We woke up to snow on Christmas Eve!  Hunter had to put on a coat as quick as he could and go outside to catch snow flakes on his tongue.

Yummy :)

This is actually Archer's 2nd snow, but it's his first time out in it. :)

After eating some snow we ate lots of pancakes and just hung out until church time.  This year we got to go to our church's candle light service.  We have never been able to go before and I am so glad we got to go this time.  It was beautiful!  Our pastor had a great sermon and worship was amazing.  I just love our church.  The only problem was there was no nursery!  None!  I was thinking that it would be open for Archer and Maggie, but I was wrong.  Archer did pretty well, but Mags didn't make it 10 minutes.  Oh well, maybe next year will be better.  Hunter loved the service!  He was so excited to have his own candle.  
Here is Maggie in her Christmas dress given to her from my friend Kayla.  I woke her up from her nap and put it on her so quick.  We really wanted to be on time for church that night.  I really wish we could have gotten a picture of her smiling.  She really did love that dress and I did too!  She looked so cute!  Thank you Kayla!!

We went out to eat after church and then headed home to get ready for Santa.  Hunter and Maggie both were so excited.  We got back late and still hadn't made our traditional chocolate chip cookies, so we whipped some together really quick, took baths and got ready for bed.  Here is a video of Hunter and Maggie getting Santa's stuff ready... 

As you can see, Hunter was super excited!!!!  

Santa and his helpers were very busy until midnight that night trying to make sure everything was together and perfect. 
The kids did pretty good that morning.  They let us sleep until 8:15, praise the Lord!  Mommy and Daddy were tired! :) Santa put all their toys from him on their chairs and Archer's bumbo.  So what were their reactions...

They are so blessed!  I was honestly very worried this Christmas.  With our new sweet Archer and the medical bills that came along with him, I did not know how much we were really going to be able to give this year, but our parents stepped in and helped.  I think they had more than enough this year.  Thank you so much, Nana & Grumpy and Coach & Honey!  They loved it all!! 

Archer with his teddy bear from Santa.  Hunter had told Santa that Archer needed a teddy bear. 

Maggie with her Minnie shoes.

Hunter wearing his new cowboy boots.  He was so excited he ran off to his room to dress himself.  He is ready to go hunting. 

Oh and what was their big surprise??

A trampoline!  This is what Hunter has been asking for and it is perfect for them!  Just the right size and everything.  Now if only we could get them off of it. :)

Mags with her new hat and gloves and a little Nutella still on her face :)

Christmas morning was spent playing with toys and enjoying family.  My mom and I made a late lunch and then we all just hang out.  We did watch both Rio and Kung Fu Panda 2 in between the jumping.  It was so cold outside, but that didn't stop Maggie and Hunter!  They jumped and jumped and jumped... until we made them come in.  Maggie's little hands were ice cold and Hunter had the reddest cheeks. :)

Coach and Archer took a few naps.  So sweet! 

Coach went back to Gainesville in the late afternoon.  We really didn't want him to leave but he needed to be at work on Monday. :(  
After they ate dinner we dipped some pretzels in chocolate.  Hunter liked doing the sprinkles and Maggie like sticking her fingers in the chocolate. :)  

They were both worn out from jumping and neither one of them got a nap Christmas day.  After pretzel dipping it was time for bath and bed.  I think they had a great Christmas!  

This Christmas snuck up on me!  This fall had been so busy with football, new baby, Maggie's birthday... Christmas just came so fast.  It was a little different this year.  Christmas is truly about the birth of Jesus, the greatest gift of all.  All we have to do is give our life.  It's not about things and what we do and don't do, as long as we are giving glory to the Lord.  For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE is only son...

I'll end with a few picture of Archer taken last night after the big kids were in bed. 

These pj's have been worn by Hunter and Maggie and now Archer.  I love it!  I think Maggie might have worn this same pair last year, by the way.  Hahaha :)  Archer, you are such a wonderful blessing!  Happy 1st Christmas! 

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