Monday, December 12, 2011

Ice Ice Baby...

Okay so going along with the previous post... After Santa, on our mini vacation, we got to see ICE at the Gaylord.  It was amazing... oh and cold! :)  Hunter, Maggie and I got to go 2 years ago when Maggie was only a month old.  To see pictures from that trip click here

We had a really great time!  
About to go in and watch the movie about how they make ICE before we got our huge coats. 

Me and the kids.  Archer was in my coat.  I did the same thing with Maggie last time, but... well let's just say Archer is a lot bigger than Maggie.  By the end of Ice I was ready for Ben to hold him for a while. :)

Yay for Shrek the Halls!  Maggie had never seen Shrek.  Hunter saw it one time when  he was 2 and I decided that would be his last time for a while.  We did let them watch Shrek the Halls before we left for Dallas.  It just so happened to be on ABC.  

Maggie could barely walk in that coat.  It was so big!
Can you believe someone made that out of ice???  

By the way it was 9 degrees in there... just sayin'

Me and Archer :)  Sweet baby boy! 

Hunter... not really wanting to smile for a picture. 

Maggie's favorite character.  "O!" (Our cat is called Kiddo.)
Us in the outhouse.  I really wish I could have taken pictures of Ben with the kids, but I had a sweet baby in by coat.  Next time!

I told Hunter to pretend he was pooping.  Haha :)

This was where they had the ice slides.  Hunter didn't want to slide, but Maggie did! :)  Ben did, too.  Archer and I will do it next time! 

Yay for Ice! 

At the end of Shrek they had the nativity.  I LOVED it!  I was really neat!  With everything going on in the world today, it was nice to see that they did have the REAL Christmas story!  However they did make a tiny mistake.  They said the nativity story happened 2 centuries ago... umm not 200 years ago more like 2,000 years ago! :)

Baby Jesus!  
This reminds me... the other day Hunter was talking about the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus' birthday.  Then he said, "I think he is going to be 7 this year."  So sweet and innocent!  And I guess he thinks 7 is really old.  Don't tell him how old I am! :)

This was the free picture we got just before we went inside.  We took this in front of a green screen. 

Right after we finished we got a little hot chocolate and then got to meet this guy...
Hunter was excited to meet Shrek!

Maggie liked to wave to him from a distance, but didn't want to get close. 

After Shrek we went to get some dinner and then took pictures around the Gaylord. 

Maggie was so tired!  I couldn't get a picture fast enough.  We should have tired to take pictures the first night.  

Hunter did much better with Daddy.  

Ben took a million pictures, but only a couple were good.  They were just so tired. 

I like this one! :)

Then the next morning we got to have breakfast with Shrek and some of his friends.  The kids loved it!  We all had to take the Ogre pledge before we sat down and we were giving green swamp juice to drink. Hunter loved it! 

Giving Shrek a hug. 

All of us!  Oh and you see that green fountain in the back?  That's chocolate!  Yummy! 

Maggie really liked Puss in Boots! 

Archer was sleeping...

The kids got Shrek ears! 

Funny face :)

Archer wanted to wear them, too! 

We had a great mini vacation.  The kids loved it!  I am so glad we got to do this.  We were given this trip.  It was such a blessing.  Just a little get-a-way for our family.  We definitely made lots of memories.  I will say, it is still hard to stay in a hotel.  The kids were super excited the first night and didn't sleep well.  Then we didn't get naps because we were still so excited.  The second night everyone slept much better, but this trip was a lot of work.  It was well worth it though!  God is so good!  This Christmas is a little tight for us, but God is providing.  There is no way we would have been able to do this had we not been given the opportunity!  Thank you so much!  

After the 2 nights at the Gaylord, Ben and I were beat.  By the way, Ben did this all with a stress fracture in his foot.  He was hurting pretty bad.  We walked a lot!  So once we were done we went and relaxed at Coach and Honey's house.  :)  

Hooray for ICE!  Hopefully we will be back!  
P.S. Someone needs to tell them to let Disney do it next year!  Wouldn't that be awesome! 

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