Friday, December 16, 2011

Little baby, ooo ahhh...

Hunter had his Christmas program yesterday morning!  Ben and I were so proud.  He made such a good angel and you could really hear him singing.  
There's my baby!  The one on blue.  This was taken with my ipod.  I was afraid Ben was going to miss it.  He got there just in time! 

Sweet boy! 

He was so excited!
There is a video at the bottom of this post. :)

That afternoon I got to go to his and Maggie's Christmas party!  It was so fun! 

About to do the book exchange. 

And Open! 

Eating a snowman cookie and being silly! 

Then I went to see this sweet girl!  She had a good party until the end.  I think she must have eaten something... she got sick all over me right after I took this picture.  She didn't get sick again, so I think it must have been lunch or maybe the straw or something.  I'm so glad she isn't sick! 

And now what you have been waiting for....
Hunter! :)  Enjoy! 

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