Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

Last year we got our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it barely made it.  It got so dry I was afraid to turn the lights on, but it was okay because we were going out of town for Christmas.  This year we decided to wait a little longer.  We got our tree this past Saturday after the HSU basketball games.

Hunter was super excited and had to wear his Santa hat.
Maggie decided she would wear the reindeer ears...

Well until Daddy took them.  :)

Oh and Archer tried them on too.

The kids really enjoyed picking out their tree this year and we enjoyed watching them.  Once we got home it was to late to decorate.  I put the lights on, but that was it.  Off to bed. 

The next day we got to do the fun part.  Decorate! 

Maggie did really well this year.  She put up a few ornaments and didn't take any off!  I was surprised! 

Hunter did awesome as usual! 

And they both got to put the Santa on top.  Maggie first...

Then the Hunter-man.

He really wanted his hat to stand straight up. :)

Pretty tree!  We love it, anyways! 

While we were decorating, this little guy was sitting right by the tree watching and listening to Christmas music.  

Hooray for Archer's first Christmas!!  Love that boy! 

We are officially ready for Christmas!  

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