Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey! What's all this white stuff?

Are we still in Texas??  Yes, it really did snow last week!  We woke up to white stuff last Monday.  We normally don't get snow until February, but I'm not complaining.  It was so pretty!  And it stayed around for a little while... well I little bit of it did anyway. 

Hunter LOVES the snow!

Snowball fight!!! 
He couldn't get his fingers in his gloves, but that wouldn't keep him from playing. 

Maggie's new winter coat came in the mail on the Saturday before the snow.  Perfect timing!
She didn't know about the snow, but once I put her out in it she didn't want to leave. 


Yummy Snow!  (Yuck!  I tried to stop her from eating it.  We didn't have enough to make it good.)

Check out those gloves.  haha :)

Yum more yummy snow!  

They both sat down together to play. 

I love the snowy trees!  So pretty! 

Now if I remember correctly... that winter we got snow on Christmas Eve we also had a snow early in December, too.  Maybe it will be a white Christmas again!  My fingers are crossed! :)

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