Sunday, June 24, 2012

a day at the Ballpark!

So yesterday Coach, Ben, Hunter and I got to go to the Rangers vs. Rockies game!  Woohoo! 
We had a great time!!!  

Hunter sat on Ben's lap for most of the game.  Coach won great seats that just happened to be in the shade for the whole game!  There was even a breeze.  It was so nice!  

We were just above the Ranger's dugout!  Here is Hunter's favorite player at bat.  He really didn't have a great hitting game, Saturday. :(

Hunter super excited!  He LOVED the game!  He was so much fun to watch! 

He loved cheering on NA-PO-LI and he also loved clapping and cheering on the Rangers! 
Let's Go Rangers!!!

Sitting with Coach! 

He also got to get a sprite and some ice cream in a helmet!  

And to top it off, it was bat day!  He got a bat when we walked into the park!  

We were sad the Rangers lost, but had a great time at the game anyway!  
I really wish we were able to go to more games!  We love us some Texas Ranger baseball!!! 
Let's Go Rangers!! (clap... clap... clap clap clap)

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