Friday, June 15, 2012

Insta-Friday! :)

Is it the end of the week already?!?!  Here's a peek into our week! 

Saturday before the party, this little guy had to go get a shot at 8:30.  Boo!!!  He has an ear infection that won't go away and it doesn't help that he is like his Mama and is allergic to penicillin! :( 

Party Time!!  Arrrrr! :) So fun! 

No nap Maggie wouldn't nap in her bed on Sunday, but took a little nap in Daddy's lap! :) Love it! 

Pool in the back yard... this boy is a big fan!!! :) 

Sleeping beauty!  
We went in to check on her on Sunday night to find her sleeping wearing only her shirt... I somehow put a diaper on her without waking her.  magic! :)

Donuts for the big kids on Monday!  Archer had to be at the doctor at 8:30, so donuts for the big kids was a must! 

Another Monday at the gym!  Yay for Gymnastics!!! :) 
The Fighting Irish got to go to the Prairie Dog game on Monday night!!  Hunter was so excited until...

Yep, it got rained out :(
So they were invited back on Tuesday! :)  They got to stand out on the field with the team during the National Anthem!  So fun!! 

fell asleep reading a hunting magazine... makes Coach proud! 

3 mile run on Wednesday... amazing!  So good to be back!  First 3 miler since Archer was born! 

Birthday boy!!!  Happy 5th birthday Hunter!!!!  Daddy got to take the morning off so we took this guy to the zoo and let him do whatever he wanted! 
It was just Hunter, Mommy and Daddy!  What a great morning!  

Feeding the giraffes!

Making a penny! We also road the train and got donuts. 

Hunter skipped nap and we watched his favorite! :) 

Ended Hunter's birthday with the Dr. Suess parade! 

Archer and Daddy waiting for the parade to start. 

Friday with this cute little boy!  Carter and Maggie needed a yogurt break! 

2nd cup of coffee for the day Friday.  Much needed...

Littlest boy would really like to eat some of this grass...

Feeling so much better! 

We ended our week with some great friends Friday night!  Wish I would have gotten a picture of all the kids during the Nerf sword war!  So fun! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!! :) 

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