Monday, June 11, 2012

Arrrrrr.... A Pirate Party

Is it really time for Hunter's birthday, again??!  Didn't we just have his 4th Birthday party?
Well this Saturday, we celebrated Hunter's 5th Birthday with lots of his and our friends.  I loved making things for his party.  I think the kids enjoyed it and I know Hunter had a blast, that's what's most important.  Anyway... on to the party!  

(Warning... LOTS of pictures to follow!)

The party table

the cake

what's a pirates favorite drink??  root beer! 

party favors

more pics of the table

marshmallow pops! (much easier than cake pops... i just didn't have time this year)


walk the plank
Hunter demonstrating how you should wear the pirate head band like Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Thank you Grumpy, they are awesome! 

When the kids got to the party, they each could put on a head band, an eye patch and a hat if they wanted! 

Logan says "Arrr!" (Isn't he cute!!?!)
Mostly everyone wore something! 

Having fun! 

After a little play time we had our pirate scavenger hunt.  We started at the tug of war.  The kids had to pull this big bucket off the 1st clue to see where they should go next.


The clue sent them to walk to plank!

They had to walk to plank and then they each got a swing at the pirate hat pinata! 
Cailey is the one who got the pinata!  Way to go, Cailey! 

Inside the pinata was the next clue.  I think Kade found all the clues by the way! :) 

Next up was the cannon balls!  They had to pop all the cannon balls (water balloons) to find the next clue.  

They found an alligator inside one of the balloons, so they had to wrestle the alligator to find the next clue... 

which took them to the quick sand.

They found little treasures while looking for the next clue. 
The last clue took them to the playhouse where they found the treasure box.  Inside where pouches of gold (Rolos), pirate whistles and pirate compasses.  I think it was a success! 

Lunch time! 

Time for the cake! 

Make a wish!!!

Yum!  Cake and Root Beer Floats! 


Hunter and his girlfriend! Isn't she pretty!!

Sweet friends! 

Thank you so much for coming to Hunter's birthday, everyone!  He had a blast!!!  It wouldn't have been the same without you!  

And Happy Birthday, Hunter!!!  We love you so much!!!

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