Sunday, June 10, 2012

Insta-Friday x2

Since I missed last weeks insta-friday I thought I would catch up!  Here is a peek into our world for the last 2 weeks!  
Such a cute boy!  

Nana and Grumpy came to visit for Memorial day!  Archer took a sweet nap with Nana.

Daddy and Archer took a little snooze on Monday. 

Grumpy made Hunter these awesome pirate head bands for the party!  Hunter had to try them out! 

It's official... the summer sign is on the door!  

My running partner :)

Love 3 sweet kids in my bed!

Archer is standing up everywhere!!  

Hunter got to spend the evening with Daddy at the Prairie Dog game! 

Last Thursday, Hunter got his baseball award at the Dixie Little League Closing Ceremonies!  Go Fighting Irish! 

Garage Sale Day... let's just say, Hunter was not excited! 
Monday was our first gymnastics day of the summer with these cute kiddos! 

Sleepy boy, Archer didn't want to sleep in his bed.  He just wanted me to hold him! :)

Hunter thought Archer would love the giraffe tunnel... and he does!!!

Happy boy on Tuesday! :)  Still not feeling 100%

Getting ready for Hunter's big birthday party.  This machine got lots of use! 

Maggie loves playing Pizza Party!  We all played on Wednesday night! 

Hunter's banner :)

Ready to pick up my kids from Mother's Day Out on Thursday!!

Crossing things off my list on Friday! 

Party favors done! 

Butter cream icing!  Yummy! 

We have been super busy the last 2 weeks.  I am ready to slow down a little and enjoy my sweet family!  I'll be posting pictures from Hunter's party on Monday, hopefully!  For now, it's pool time!  Have a great weekend! :)

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