Friday, June 29, 2012

Insta-Friday! :)

It's Friday!!!!  WooHoo!!!  And do you know what is even better than Friday??  Next week, Ben is only going to work on Monday and Tuesday!!  Yay!  Can you tell I'm a little excited!!  Horary for the upcoming long weekend.

Okay... now on to Insta-Friday (our last week of June 2012)  Here's a peek into our week! 
Saturday we spent the day at The Ballpark!  
See post here. :)

Sunday morning the kids did a lot of this...

And in the afternoon they did this. 
(All three kiddos slept all the way home!!!  It was amazing!)

And then once I got home I checked this... YIKES!!!

Monday started with a quick trip to United and then off to gymnastics! 

Maggie did much better! :)  She got her candy at the end! 

Monday night was THE BEST!!!  This sweet boy asked Jesus into his heart!!!!  It was amazing!  He was and still is so excited!  
See post here

Tuesday morning 3 mile run! WooHoo! 

3 sweet kids watching a little Kung Fu Panda 2 at the theater!  I loved listening to Maggie and Logan talk to each other during the movie!  So cute!!

ummm... was that their first date??
They really do love each other! 

Tuesday was also no nap Tuesday for the kids in the Jennings house... this was not planned by their Mama!  But Hunter and Maggie played nicely together and made whatever this is out of Hunter's animals!  They were having fun, so I didn't bother them! :) 
Tuesday night this little lady got to go pick out a toy for going #2 in the potty!!  
Yes, the first time it happens on purpose with both my kids we have gone to go get a new toy that day!  
See Hunter's post about his toy here

Wednesday, I woke up to this at my front door!  Yay for Varsity!!

But an even BIGGER yay for getting to see some of my cheerleaders!!!  A few girls have come to get their shoes and more are coming in the next few weeks!  It is soooo good to see them!!  I have missed my cheerleaders!  

Sweet boy STANDING at the couch!  Love him!!!!

Thursday's run at 10:15 = too hott!!  I did it but it was a hot one! 

Good day at "Summer School" (aka Mother's Day Out) get's you a Chic-Fil-A cookie!!  The absolute best cookie!!!!  If you are trying to lose baby weight like me, don't try it!  You will be hooked and want one every day!!  Seriously! 

Look!!!  It's Eugene and Rapunzel!!! :) 
See this post to get the joke!
It was really a zoo trip with daddy!  We love going to the zoo on thursday evening in the summer!  (It's open until 9) 

Soooo incredibly excited for this tonight!!!! Really!  Ben and I are having a date night!  After the kids are in bed we are watching this (and Ben will be eating the pie I made) with our phones off!  Really!  
I. Can. Not. Wait!!!! :) 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!! 
P.S. If you are a gymnastics fan, men's gymnastics will be on NBC on Saturday and the finals for the women will be on Sunday on NBC!  

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