Thursday, April 25, 2013

Go Tar Heels!!!

It's baseball season!!!  
Okay.. okay!  It's been baseball season for a while!  I can't believe this will be Hunter's 4th game on Saturday! I am so behind on my blogging!  Anyway... here a few pictures from the last game. 

I love this boy sooo much!!  He is LOVING baseball!  
Loving it so much, when I asked him today what his favorite sport was he said baseball and football!  

At bat on Saturday!  Go Hunter!!! 

Sorry this pic is so far away, but yes this is Hunter running into home... backwards!  I don't know why he did that??!? :)

Playing short stop last week! 

Sorry these pictures aren't the best!  It's hard to get good pictures with Maggie and Archer.  I'll bring the good camera and try to do better this week. 

Here is Hunter at bat at his game 2 weeks ago. :)

Hunter at bat last Saturday!  Go Hunter! :) 

Go Tar Heels!!!  More baseball fun soon! 

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