Monday, April 29, 2013

Worst Mom award goes to...

That would be me!  
I feel so so bad for our sweet Maggie Moe!  Tomorrow is the big day.  She is going in and having dental surgery.  She has 8... yes eight cavities.  Poor baby!!  
She has been the hardest one to get to brush her teeth!  About 4 months ago she finally started letting me brush, of course it's to late now.  The dentist said she does not have any enamel on her teeth.  He then asked me a million questions about if she was born a premie or if I had a hard pregnancy.  I don't know... I kind of think he was just being nice and didn't want to totally blame me.  
Here she is at her pre-op appointment on Thursday.  
Please pray for our sweet girl tomorrow morning!  We go in at 7:30am.

Here is her last dentist appointment post. 

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