Friday, April 12, 2013

Our super fun Easter... Part Two :)

Okay, so it has taken me 8 years at finishing my Easter post... or maybe just 8 days, but hey... here it is!

The Easter Bunny came! 

We try not to make the Easter Bunny a big deal... he just leaves a couple of fun things for the kids. :)

Peeps!!!  A Jennings favorite!  Well, Ben likes them stale but we won't go there... 

new princess coloring book.  

We went to the 11:00 church on Easter morning... So much better than 8 something!  It was a great service and we really enjoyed it, but there is nothing like our awesome church!  We are so blessed to be apart of Beltway! 

So after lunch, we decided we all needed naps before we did the big egg hunt... little did we know it was going to be storming and pouring rain when we all woke up. :(  BOO!  At least we weren't driving home in it!  

So Monday morning, before we started the looong trek back to Abilene we did a little egg hunt.  So fun! 

Do you see his eye??  No, that's not makeup!  He was reaching down to get a toy and bonked the coffee table Sunday afternoon!  Poor guy!  He got a shiner!!  

We had such a great time in Houston visiting our awesome family!  Thank you Nana, Grumpy, Jayne and Gracie for making our Easter amazing!  We can't wait to see you all again soon!!  Love you so much! 

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