Thursday, April 18, 2013

Horton Hears a Who

So I have been meaning to blog about last Thursday's event Hunter and Maggie were invited to be apart of... so here it goes! 

Our awesome city of Abilene has just added 6 new Dr. Seuss statues down town and Maggie and Hunter were asked to unveil one!  It was such a neat evening.   It was Art Walk so there was a bunch of people enjoying downtown last Thursday.  We were down by the train depot with the Cooper drum line and the Mayor.  The band would march around to all the different Cat in the Hat statues and then give a drum roll for the person or kids to unveil the newest statue.  Maggie and Hunter were asked to unveil the 'Horton Hears a Who' statue!  They had so much fun!  Here are some pictures of the even along with a very short video of the unveiling. 

We got there a little early and had nothing to do... so Maggie and Daddy did a little stunting! :)

Here's the video! :) 

They did such a good job!  They had to wait until someone read a piece of the story before the pulled off the cover.  I could hear people saying how Maggie looked like a who with her pigtails. :) 

Archer likes Green Eggs and Ham!  He likes them, Sam I am!  
He loved going up and touching all the statues. 

One last picture of our Who! 

Over all we had a great evening!  If you live in Abilene, you should go check it out!  We love Dr. Seuss and we love Abilene!

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