Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Super Fun Easter... Part I

He is Risen!  
He is Risen indeed! 

Hooray for Easter!  We had such a wonderful Easter I thought I would share... in parts!  I have lots of pictures of fun!  :)  

So on Good Friday, we loaded up and headed to Houston for a fun time with family!  The car ride was looong and loud, but so worth the drive!  Once we got to Houston on Friday, we mainly just let the kids run around and play.  

Ben's sister, Jayne, had big plans for us on Saturday morning.  After breakfast, we headed to Blessington Farms.  We had soo much fun!!!  

Everyone was excited! 

Two sweet girls ready for some fun! 

They had this really big sand box.  I think it was one of their favorite things!  They really could have stayed here all day! 

They had a slide you could go down.  Maggie was the first one in line! 


Hunter liked it too! 
Archer liked the sand, but he really liked...
the tractor!!!  
I think this would go great with the Gator that they have at Coach and Honey's house! :)

The girls loved the sand!
They loved the slide! 

Maggie making a sand angel! 
Sliding down on her belly... why not? 
They really didn't get that dirty.  I was surprised!  Just some sand in their shoes... no big deal!  

Hunter had some fun, but was excited to sneak away and ride the bucket train with Daddy! 

After the sand hill, we went over to say hello to the chickens! 
Maggie was the first to hold Snow White... 

and she fell in love!!!

Archer liked holding Snow White!  I was afraid he was going to squeeze her a little to hard a few times! 

Gracie liked holding her, too! 

Hunter was a little nervous.  He was been to May Farm in Abilene and I don't think their chickens are as nice as these. 
I think she would have taken Snow White home if we would have let her!  

Next up... the bucket train!

So much fun!!  WooHoo!!! 

After the train, it was time to pick some strawberries!  I don't think any of us had ever picked strawberries before.  It was so fun! 

Maggie picked and then cut a few strawberries off all by herself! 

Hunter was the pro, of course! :) 

Gracie loves strawberries and had fun finding the little ones! 

Well we can't go anywhere and not stunt!  Maggie wanted to stunt in front of the strawberries! :) 
Go Cowboys!!

Next up was an Easter Egg hunt!

The deal was you were supposed to pick up 10 eggs and then go trade them in for whatever you wanted as a treat.  It was really good idea.  I only wish the eggs were a little more hidden.  I think Hunter was a little bored.  It was to easy to "find" 10 eggs.  Gracie didn't like it that the eggs were empty and so picked flowers instead. 

Maggie filled her basket to the top.  When I told her she could only have 10, she dumped the basket and only took the pink ones... that's my girl! :) 

After the egg hunt it was time for lunch and naps!  Hooray for an awesome morning!  Thank you Jayne for showing us this place. 

More Easter posts coming soon...

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