Friday, April 26, 2013

Insta-Friday! :)

What a week! 
Ben has been sooo extremely busy at work.  It's been crazy, to say the least! 
So here's a peek at last 2 weeks... 
Saturday morning watching our big guys! 

Go Tar Heels!!! 

Crazy hair night at Awana!  Love my little Sparkie! 

Gymnastics Monday! 
LOVE it! 

Lots of really hot, WINDY runs... why is it so hot already!  
Praying we get some nice spring weather before the heat wave of summer is here! 
Cotton Candy Popsicles after school

Let's race!!! 

my favorite snack right now... red bell peppers with chobani ranch dip.  (just a little ranch packet into the yogurt and stir...the best!)

Can't believe he is 1!?!?  Where does the time go???  We love you, Drew! 

More running, but in pants this time... it's either super hot or really cold... but it's always WINDY! 

More Saturday morning baseball! Go Hunter!!!
Maggie could hardly wait to see Pinkalicious last Sunday!  She had such a great time.  Hunter liked it too. 

After the show we played a little baseball in the backyard.  Maggie was excited to bat! 

A little jump time before gymnastics on Monday! 


Hunter gives Archer some baseball coaching! 

Archer about to pitch to Hunter. 
It was so funny!  Hunter was really trying to teach Archer the game.  So sweet!!! 

My sweet sleeping babies! 

We are loving life over at the Jennings house! 
We'll be back at the ball park on Saturday!  We love our Dixie Little League!  
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :) 

life rearranged

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