Friday, April 12, 2013


I can't believe it's been since March 1st since I have posted an Insta-Friday!  Sooo many pics to go through... here is a peek at what our March and first two weeks of April looked like... 

(lots and lots of pictures... just a warning)
Love my little gymnast!


Western Day at school with the HSU 6 White Horses!  
Go Cowboys!!! 


reliving the glory days... tbt :) 

lots of running


Honey and Coach have the best ice cream sandwiches!!! 

hair cut for this princess

round 1 of coloring eggs at Honey's house 

Zoo day! 

His favorite animal... an Elk! 
adult dinner with amazing friends!  Texas isn't the same without you guys!  Miss you!!

picking up our sweet kids after they were at Coach and Honeys for Spring Break! 

more gymnastics 

Help!!!  Maggie is "dribin"! 

baseball buddies!!!  (and soon to be Austin kindergartners)

love catching my kiddos at school... 
He not only can walk on the rope on the way to class, he can do it backwards! :) 

this is what we do while brother practices baseball... swing at the park! 

"Look!  I'm a longhorn!"

They have all of a sudden decided that they love to color! 

Best 3 mile time in the cold and wind!!  

gymnast bunny hopping on the beam
rocking the pigtails again! 

Sunglasses day at Awana! 

another baseball practice/fun at the park for the Jennings family! 

Egg coloring part 2 at home

finally got a picture of my big boy during practice! 

GOAL!!! 40 miles in March is done!

On our way to Nana and Grumpy's to celebrate Easter! 

Awesome time with sweet Gracie at Blessington Farms!
picking some strawberries! 

2 cute girls riding the bucket train

Ready for church on Easter morning!  He is risen!!! 

ready to hunt some Easter eggs! 
love him so, so much! 

having fun! 

Archer is starting to love cars! 

What to do when it's cold, wet and yucky outside... roll up the rug and ride the plasma cars! 

it's never to early... lol :) 
1st game of the season! Go Tar Heels!! 

Hunter was so excited to see his BFF! 
Go Cowboys!!! 

Little gymnast

breaking in the new shoes... 

someone thought they needed Gatorade too...

I love it when our house is full of sweet kids! 

I caught him while he was in music on Thursday! Love my Archer-man! 

What to do while waiting to unveil the 'Horton Hears a Who' statue... stunt of course!!! 

my little sunshine! 
Love nap time when I get to play games with this big boy! 

Coach came into town and took us out to eat!  Yum!!! 

Now I feel like I'm totally caught up!! :)  Have a great weekend, everyone!  

life rearranged

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