Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daddy's Home!!!!

We are all excited about Fridays because it's the weekend and Daddy is HOME!!!  This Friday was no exception!  We were so glad to have Daddy home!  We played a lot in Maggie's room as soon as Daddy walked in the door.  Here are a few pics! 

Hunter loves to tackle Daddy.  They also play the "blue ghost"game.  We have this blue sheet that they both get under.  Sometimes it is a ghost and sometimes it's a dragon skin.  It just depends on the day.  But Hunter LOVES to play with the blue sheet!  


Ahhh!!!  Hunter and Daddy's noses are stuck!!!! 
Hunter does this all the time both with Mommy and Daddy!  It is soo funny! :)

What else has Hunter been doing lately?  He has been bringing us all presents (they are all make believe).  We must open then right then and there and then he tells us what they are.  Most of the time its a new camera for Daddy, an ipod for Momma, and a "tiny teddy bear" for Maggie Pie!  He also says "tomonnow".  As in "we can do that tomonnow, Momma".  So sweet!  

After Hunter went to bed I decided to take some pics of Maggie Rose.  We haven't taken many naked pictures lately.  Here is a sweet one!  She is wearing her tu-tu.  

Here she is standing!  (I'm holding her legs.) She has a good grip on her skirt! :) 

More posts to come about this weekend!! =)

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