Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mag Pie

Maggie Pie (as Hunter says)

What is Maggie doing... (I feel like I'm always talking about Hunter so here is a post about Maggie)

Maggie is doing super!  She is sleeping most of the night.  She likes to smile (mostly at Hunter).  She loves to sit in Daddy's lap.  She likes to watch Hunter run and play.  She loves her bouncy chair and her exersaucer.  She really likes to kick her socks off!  She also likes to kick off her blanket! :)  She likes for her mommy to hold her.  (Her Mommy likes it, too!)  She loves to stunt!!!  We have started stunting with her some.  She loves it!  Well at least I hope she loves it.  She does high Vs all the time.  (Some people say she is stretching, but we know she is really doing a cheerleading high V!)  She is talking ALL the time.  We LOVE the noises she makes!  She also "prays" a lot.  She is always playing with her hands.  The other day Hunter said, "Look, Maggie is praying".  She growing to fast!  I want her to stay little! :)  I LOVE YOU MAG PIE! =)

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