Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to Babyland!

This is what I get to do 2 days a week!

Yes... It's BabyLand here at the our house!  I get to keep sweet little Logan 2 days a week.  He is such a sweet little guy!  Logan is Julie and Tony's little 3 months old.  He is super cute... as you can see! :)  I am so blessed to be able to play with Logan, Maggie and Hunter!  

He smiles all the time!  So sweet! :)

Hunter will tell you, "Tony picked up Wogan in fire truck".  He doesn't talk to Tony much when he comes to pick up Logan, but talks about him the rest of the day! 

Aren't they cute!!  This morning Logan and Maggie were talking up a storm under their play gyms.  It was so cute.  Maggie was just watching him.  I don't know... I think Maggie has 2 boyfriends... Don't tell Daddy! :)

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