Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some fun on Saturday!

This past Saturday was the Joseph Thomas Memorial Triathlon at Primetime.  Ben is friends with the family and went out to help the kids.  Hunter, Maggie and I came out a little later that morning.  Hunter got to bowl for the first time!  He was so excited!  He got to wear the bowling shoes and everything.

Be the end of the game he was doing it all by himself!  He would get the ball out and roll it down the runway.  :)

 waiting for the ball to return!

Watching his ball roll (slowly :)) down the ally.

His ending score!  Yay Hunter!!! =)  I think he is already a better bowler than me! 

He had a lot of fun bowling!  He also got to play ski ball, but I think he liked bowling the best.  At the end of the day he wanted a "rolling drink".  They had a drink you could get that came in a bowling pin glass.  He was so excited to get a "rolling drink"! 

Later that afternoon Hunter went to have fun and play with the kids from our life group.  The Hoes offered to keep our kids that afternoon and feed them.  It was so sweet of them to open their home up to our kids so that we could have a little time with out kids.  Hunter had a blast!  We LOVE our life group and the Hoes!  They are an incredible blessing!!!  We are going to have to repay the favor! :)

We ended the evening watching some of the Olympics.  We didn't realize how much Hunter enjoyed the speed skating until he got up and started "skating" around the living room with his hands behind his back just like on tv.  He even put one hand down on the ground when making turns.  He is precious!!  The Lord is so good!  We are so blessed! :)

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